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The Colours of Comedy is produced and created by Alex Kojfman

Alex Kojfman

Currently living in LA, Alex performs at the Famous Comedy Store off Sunset.  He's been performing stand up just over 5 years, and has been all over Canada - coast to coast, opening up for Shaun Majumder (Just for Laughs) and Jessica Holmes (Royal Candian Air Farce). He's been featured at the Just for Laugh's Toronto showcase and XM Radio.
He's been honoured with performing with some of the best comedic talent in Canada such as Debra Digiovanni, Jay Malone, Fraser Young, Frank Spadone, Simon Rakoff, Nathan MacIntosh, Steve Scholtz and many more. 

Alex is the creator and producer of the Colours of Comedy and loves sharing the stage with a diverse group of comedians who regardless of who they are or where they come from enjoy making people laugh. 

Ali Hassan

busting loose onto the comedy scene in 2006, this Comic, Chef and
Wedding Entertainer has won hearts and minds in Comedy competitions,
Open Mic duels and Improv shows! In two short years he has become a
regular weekend host and performer at the ComedyWorks and Ernie
Butler's Comedy Nest in Montreal, as well as at the Absolute Comedy chain in Ottawa and Toronto.
In 2008, he was voted one of the Top 10 Best Stand-Up Comedians by the
Montreal Mirror and was invited to Amman, Jordan to perform in the
first ever comedy festival in the Middle East!

Andre Arruda

Andre doesn�t know if he is being billed as a disabled person, a little person, a  Portuguese man, or as the triple whammy Crippled Midget Pork Chop. What ever they choose after seeing him you�ll give him the label funny, intelligent, articulate and extremely sexy... Standing at approximately three and a half feet, Andre does not feel pity to

those around him who are of average, i.e. boring height. This 3 legged (His cane you pervert) Comedian has been doind stand up fpr about 5 years and can be seen telling jokes regularly at Yuk Yuks as well as various other venues in Toronto. His acting credits include:  Kenny Vs Spenny, Stars Gone Wild and the Jon Dore Television Show.  This Spring he will make his feature film d�but in, Hank and Mike, where he plays a Spanish Easter Bunny named Luiz.  For more info join his facebook group �What the Hell is Andre Doing Now!?

Andrea Stanford

A relative newcomer to the Montreal scene, Andrea has
accomplished much in a short period of time. Twice voted one of Montreal's top
comedians by readers of The Montreal Mirror, she is also a three-time winner of
the monthly "Best of the Open Mic" competition at the ComedyWorks.
She has had the pleasure of opening for some of the biggest names in Canadian
comedy, including Joey Elias, Steve Patterson, Deb DiGiovanni and The Doo Wops.

Arthur Simeon

Arthur was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda and
draws on most of his experiences to inspire his Stand-up material. Tall
Dark and really really Wierd, Arthur Simeon takes you to the funny side
of being an African in North America. Arthur Simeon is the consumate
performer and has been seen on stages across Canada. Having moved to
Canada as a teenager, Arthur Simeon fell in love with comedy and one
day stepped up to the challenge at Amateur Night at Toronto's Yuk Yuks
Comedy Club. He has since performed on many different stages including
the annual Accent On Toronto series for CBC Radio, Mother's Day
International Comedy Clash. In 2007, he became the youngest headliner
of the All Black Comedy Show in Toronto and was also a finalist for the
Cream Of Comedy competition that celebrates Toronto's young comedians.

For our Colours of Comedy #3 show Arthur was Voted Audience favorite

Ben Iscoe

in the slums of south-central North York, Ben Iscoe was forced to live
in an environment with parents that stayed together, a garage that
could only fit two cars and a cable package that stopped at channel 71
� all this while attending private school.  This oppressed
lifestyle naturally paved the way for Ben to rant about his
upper/middle class upbringing as he struggled through the mean streets
of six-figure suburbia.  Word!

in the television industry since 2005, Ben recently made the jump to
stand-up, translating his scripted comedy into observational stand-up.  His clean, �Jewish-mother approved� comedy has earned him spots as a contestant in the Great Canadian Laugh Off 2010 and semi-finalist in the Toronto Comedy Brawl 2009.

Dave Bath

Always shy and charming and
with his laid back style as a storyteller Dave takes the audience on a
hilarious journey of his everyday life. He gives a very honest and unique
insight of the Punjabi and Canadian experience. Dave has performed at various
venues throughout Ontario such as Yuk Yuks, The Laugh Resort, and Absolute Comedy, other parts of Canada including Vancouver and also recently performed
in the U.K.  Being funny is the
only thing Dave has ever taken seriously.

Dave Merheje

Dave Merheje is a wild verbal attack of a comedian.  His stream of consciousness is something audiences have to see to believe.  One word.  One thought. And instantly you are taken on a whirlwind of hilarity.

Debra Digiovanni

The winner of the 2007 and 2009 Best Female Stand up in Canada, a top ten finalist in the hit NBC show "Last Comic Standing" Debra Digiovanni is one of the best and funniest comedians working today.  Her popularity knows no bounds, as she is a regular on Much Music's Video on Trial, was nominated for a Canadian Gemini Award.  Debra headlined the very first Colours of Comedy!

Dred Lee

Don't let his looks fool you, Dred Lee is even more laid back then he appears.  Funny and even poignant in his comedy, he is one hilarious story teller and joker.  From getting under house arrest to smoking weed to his dating situations, Dred is one comic you like to see perform because he's having so much fun on stage.

Eman El-Husseini

This Montreal comedian uses her upbringing and middle eastern family upbringing to bring on the funny.  A fun and relatable comic, she is just trying to get through this life one day at a time. 

Faisal Butt

Faisal Butt  has been performing  around the city
for the last 5 years.   Besides performing regularly at both the
ComedyWorks and Comedynest, Faisal helped produce the wildly
successful ``Guerilla Comedy`` shows and has become the regular host of
`` Drop The Gloves Tuesdays`` at GRUMPYS.  In 2009 he appeared in the
Just For Laughs festival as part of the ZOOFEST  with a show he
co-wrote and directed called "Underplayed and In Demand".  Drawing on
his Pakistani-Muslim roots Faisal has been
able to appeal to a vareity of audiences both young and old.  He has
opened for some of Canada`s best comics including David Pryde, Sugar
Sammy, Massimo and John Dore.

Frank Spadone

Frank's Italian family is a rich source of comedy, with his wonderful story telling and imitations.  His first time on stage was March 18th, 1997 (Alex Kojfman's birthday I might add) and he has been steadily rising in the comedy world since.  He has performed at the prestigious Just for Laugh's festival multiple times, and headlined the Colours of Comedy 5 where he had the audience begging for more.

A great addition to any comedy show, he is definitely one of the great comedians working today. 

Fraser Young

Fraser Young took a meteoric rise in the comedy scene since 1999 when he won the Tim Sims Encouragement Award.  Since then he's performed at the Just for Laughs Festival, the Hollywood Improv and recently made the move to New York to work with the great comedians there.  His hilarious story telling must be seen first hand as sometimes you'll wonder if he's from this planet.   A normal story is never normal once you hear his inner thoughts going on.

Definitely a favorite of the Colours of Comedy and comedy clubs around the country.

G L.

Gil is a comedian with
an offbeat, innocence! His charming story telling approach keeps audiences of
all genders, ages and cultures in stitches! His accomplishments include a
Canadian Comedy Award for pretty funny newcomer and the prestigious Just for
Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal where he was crowned Winner of the Spike the
Mike Competition which awarded him a development contract with Spike TV.

His fast paced career has
grown in a short time with television credits such as Comedy Now, Comedy Inc.,
Halifax Comedy Festival, and Universal Films, �Assault on Precinct 13�
alongside Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburne. The St. Lucian born canuck is one
of a kind. Check out Gilson's Premium Blend on Comedy Central starting this

Guido "Ray" Cocomello

Born in raised in Montreal, Guido's been in the acting scene for 10
years, appearing in commercials, movies and TV series. He studied at
the New Actors Workshop in NYC and spent his 4 years their performing
weekly with an improve troup. He came back to Montreal and started a
very successful sketch comedy group called SnapTv. They sold out all
their shows and closed the Just For Laughs festival at the Comedy Nest.
He recently decided to make the switch to stand up comedy and is
enjoying every moment of it! His performinces are full of energy and
will even get you tired just watching him. His dream is to one
day travel the world with Sylvester Stallone.

Guido along with Andrea Stanford, Ali Hassan, Eman El-Husseini, Daniel Woodrow and Alex Kojfman went on the first Colours of Comedy road trip to Ottawa

Hunter Collins

orn a Montrealer but raised a hellspawn, Hunter lives solely to tickle
your funny bone and pubic bone alike. A versatile, bilingual performer
in both sketch and stand-up, Hunter has convinced audience members
across the country that he is an awesome dude, so that he could then
borrow large sums money from them. Hunter is a regular on MuchMusic�s
Video On Trial and has accumulated a shitload of comedic accolades
during his career, including two appearances at the Montreal Sketch
Comedy Festival with his internationally-despised troupe 3RD KLASS,
performing at the 2007 Toronto Sketchfest, winning the People�s Choice
Award for Best Short Film at the 2008 Canadian Film Festival, hosting
gala shows at both the 2008 & 2009 Cottage Country Comedy Festivals
and winning Humber College�s prestigious Mike Myers Award. Plus he�s
huge. I�m talkin� girth overload.

John Ki

Born in Welland, Ontario humour has always been a part of John Ki's life.  Being the youngest of four boys John found that laughter went a long way when dealing with the tyranny of three older brothers and a town that never had an Asian family.  2006 was a big year for John. He won both the title of Q107's Toronto's Funniest person with a Day Job (and the first and only $10 000 prize) and the Hogtown Comedy Festival's Best New talent. 
John can currently be seen at comedy clubs across Canada where he works as a professional stand up comedian and on Much Music's Video on Trial and Stars Gone Wild.  John Ki is a story teller in
the purist form plain and simple.  And he'll make you laugh.

During the Colours of Comedy #2 show he was voted Audience Favorite.

Martin O'Brien

Martin O'Brien is an accomplished comedian with 600+ gigs over the last
6 years, performing routinely throughout Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and
New York City. He has appeared on MuchMusic's "Video on Trial" and
"Stars Gone Wild", MTV Canada's Movie Awards preshow, CBC's "the Hour",
and many other television programs. He is actively involved in multiple
media formats as a producer with CBC's Factual Entertainment, an online
content editor/news producer for Yahoo! Canada, and a contributer to
Inside Entertainment magazine.

Nathan MacIntosh

Nathan MacIntosh is one of the hottest rising comics on the scene.  Winner of the Tim Sims Encouragement Award in 2008, he's been wowing audiences with his likable personality.  Yes, he might look like the human embodiment of a cartoon character (Fry from Futurama), but his comedy is just so real, and so funny.   From Halifax, he has made his name as a top comedian, with a great energy and attitude on stage.

Nicholas Reynoldson

Nick has been on the comedy scene for 3 years and in that short time, he has quickly become one of the top young rising comics.
huge range of emotions, unique story telling ability and just flat out
hilarious-ity makes him a comic you don't want to miss!
(Yes he wrote this himself and yes its all true... and yes he is aware that hilarious-ity is not a word.)

Nile Seguin

Nile S�guin is a boyishly charming stand-up comic whose mom is French Canadian and whose dad is Rwandan.  Yeah, he's having troubles getting his head around it too.  Not only does this mean that his DNA takes on an odd appearance under the microscope but it also allows him to see life from a pretty unique perspective.

Nile headlined the Colours of Comedy #3.

Patrick Haye

Nominated for a Tim Sims Encouragement Award Patrick's smooth delivery is something to catch.  Easy going and very funny, he gets you laughing at his act-outs and funny thoughts about men and women, dating and gets the girls swooning every time.

Pio Modi

Pio grew up in Brantford, ON where he dreamed of being a hockey player
like his hometown hero Wayne Gretzky. After realizing that brown people
can't skate, he decided to pursue his next passion, comedy. Pio has
been performing standup comedy and within his
first year, he made it to the Yuks Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off Finals
which was televised on the Comedy Network. He can be seen performing
standing up comedy at several clubs across Ontario, including Yuk Yuks
and old The Laugh Resort and Absolute Comedy.

His friendly and likable comedy talks about his family and struggles of being a dentist.  He will have you laughing so hard your teeth will hurt.

Rebecca Kohler

Rebecca Kohler was born to a Canadian diplomat and has
made her home all over the world. 
From Brazil to Thailand, Rebecca learned quickly that the one thing that
tied people together was their love of laughter � and pointing at her.  In the year 2000, Rebecca took to the
stage and was met with great success. 
The laughter remained, but the pointing (mostly) stopped. Working hard
to establish herself as more than just a �female comic�, Rebecca became one of
the defining voices of the Montreal comedy scene.  In 2003, Rebecca brought herself (by train) to Toronto where
she regularly appears at clubs and shows such as Yuk Yuk�s, The Laugh Resort,
Joke Club and The Loner Show.


Her credits include: The Los Angeles Comedy Festival, an
appearance on The Jon Dore Television Show, Comedy Night In Canada at the Just
For Laughs Festival, The Broad Appeal Show, The Just For Laughs Homegrown
Competition (local), The Young Guns of Stand Up Comedy, The New Voices of
Comedy and The Geeks of Comedy.

Richard Ryder

Fast thinking and quick witted, Richard Ryder takes the stage with a refreshing energy and "no holds barred" attitude that audiences welcome again and again.  And why shouldn�t they?
Richard's ease and ability to include the audience in his act makes every show uniquely hliarous. No topic is too taboo for this Toronto native, who won the Q107 Funniest person with a day job and was featured on Season 5 of Last Comic Standing.  His comedy is fresh, fast, funny and a constant course of embarrassment to his family.  Which is exactly how it should be.

Rodney Ramsey

Since moving from Montreal to Toronto, Rodney has been a welcome addition to the comedy scene.  Fun, likable and always funny, he is a presence on stage and a great comedian to watch.

The Colours of Comedy was fortunate enough to have him perform in show #5, but now you can catch him doing the funny with Yuk Yuk's. 

Ryan Maglunob

Kingston, Ontario native Ryan Maglunob has been performing for most of his life.  He's done everything from musical theatre to improv to stand up comedy.

He spends his time now writing scripts and articles for his web-site (PoonFoox.com), his blog and for anyone that's willing to read the garbage and genius that spews from his mind. As of April 2007, Ryan has finally begun seriously pursuing his dream of being a comedian.  In the short span of over a year Ryan has made much progress in the comedy scene.  He has been featured on XM Radio's "Chompin' at the Bit with Ben Miner."  This can be heard on Laugh Attack (Channel 153).  He is also a regular guest on the Ben Mercer Show on CFRB NewsTalk 1010.  Ryan currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where he can be seen performing frequently at different comedy spots around the city.

Saad Kiyani

Saad Kiyani's frenetic energy on stage is always a great show addition.  Despite his clean cut looks and business like appearance he can shock you with his humour.

He has performed at comedy clubs in Toronto and puts on a Comedy and Cash for Bangladesh fundraiser.

Saad has performed on many Colours of Comedy and was part of the very first show in 2007.

Steve Scholtz

Takes balls to call yourself the "Greatest Human Ever" but if you are as funny as Steve is you can handle it.  One of the most clever and witty and incredibly nerdy comics on the scene, you will be amazed at how easily it is for him to drop nostalgic references on the audience and get them laughing.   A favorite for shows, Steve Scholtz has been nominated for a Tim Sims Encouragement Award and won the Funniest Person with a Day Job contest at the old Laugh Resort.

Troy Dixon

Troy Dixon used his high energy to sell the comedy of a young black man who like Nickelback. Well sort of.   A fun performer to catch with his unique style of in your face comedy that wasn't too difficult to swallow.

A great comedian, a very good person and liked by all. 

(Unfortunately Troy Dixon was taken from us too soon, as he passed away in 2008. The Colours of Comedy was fortunate to have him share his humour with us, and will miss him.)

Vince Manella

Vince is the kind of comic that makes fun of all the little things you wouldn't expect - Russian dentists, Batman and he makes it work.  A very funny comedian, the Colours of Comedy is happy to have had him host the 4th show.  Catch his energetic act around Toronto and expect the unexpected.

Zabrina Chevannes

Zabrina Chevannes is a nurse with a Jamaican background who had been
performing stand up comedy for over 3yrs now. her honest and extremely
energetic comedy about her children and hectic life has quickly landed
her frequent spots on the Nubian show hosted by Kenny
Robinson, XM satellite radio and Yuk Yuks. Her work has been seen on the
comedy network and Teletoon.